Frequently Asked Questions

This website offers downloadable image files for Personal Use and Business Use.

All information to and from this website is encrypted to insure privacy, and all payments are

processed through PayPal’s encrypted payment service.


How do I pay for a downloaded image? 

There are two options for payment both handled by PayPal. One is to submit your credit card info to PayPal at Checkout, and the other is to login to your PayPal account at Checkout. Please note the email address you submit at Checkout is the email address the image file will be delivered.

How do I download an image from this website?

From a gallery click on the image you are interested in. This brings up the Photo Details page with a larger version of the image you have chosen, Price List and Quantity options. There is one Personal Use price and 14 Business Use prices. Chose the appropriate price for your usage, select the quantity, and click Add To Cart. The next page says Item(s) successfully added. Click on the View Cart button. The Cart page is titled Your Shopping Cart. It shows a small icon of the image you selected, price category selected such as Personal Use, the price, and Subtotal. To Checkout you must checkmark Terms & Conditions which is a brief image license based on the price category you selected on the Photo Details page. To read the usage license click on the words Terms & Conditions. Those who have chosen a Personal Use price will see a short Personal Use License of about a paragraph. There are several Business Use Licenses including one just for Planning Purposes. After checkmarking the checkbox you click on Proceed to Checkout. At checkout you have the option of logging into your PayPal Account or Paying with your Credit Card which is a PayPal Guest Checkout. IMPORTANT POINT-The contact email you enter on the PayPal Guest Checkout page is the location where the image download email will be delivered. The email you receive contains a download link. Click on the link and in a few seconds the image arrives on your computer or device. You should save it on your device.

What is Maximum Quality jpeg?
The original file was shot with Nikon cameras and lenses using Raw file type (.nef). The Raw files were converted to Photoshop file type (.psd). Next, Photoshop Image Processor was used to convert the .psd file to a jpeg file. The Maximum Quality jpeg setting is the highest quality jpeg compression setting offered by the Image Processor. The JPEG file type is accepted by many devices and applications making it the most versatile and fastest file type for a variety of uses. 

Why are JPEG file types called lossy?
When a JPEG image file is saved it is reduced in size which saves storage space and makes it faster to work with. Opening and closing a JPEG file does not compress the file. Only saving a JPEG adds additional compression. 

What cameras are you shooting with?
Currently I shoot with the Nikon D850 (45 MP) which converts to a 130 MB .psd file resulting in Max Quality jpeg files mostly in the 20 to 22 MB range with some as high as 40 MB. Some files with less detail such as light colored sky will compress much more and produce a smaller jpeg file. Prior to the D850 I shot with a Nikon D4, and Nikon D800.

What is the difference between a full size file and an original file?
Full size is the largest size being offered on this website determined by jpeg compression and the camera body used. The original file size is determined by the camera’s megapixels or in a few cases a Nikon ED 5000 scanner. 

Are larger file sizes available?
If you need a larger file size use the contact link to submit your request to determine availability, price, and arrange delivery by Google Drive. 

When purchasing a digital image file are they delivered with a copyright notice?                                 

No, the copyright notices are only displayed on the website images not on the files delivered to customers.