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In many ways our world is a very large place, but at the same time in other ways it is small and becoming smaller. It’s large in its variety of species and diversity of habitat from deserts to glaciers, rainforests to savannahs, and butterflies to whales. There is more to experience than one lifetime could ever accomplish. But the world is small and in some ways becoming smaller. As this blog expands it will relate some of the challenges faced by species, habitat, and environment as well as share some of the challenges of getting the picture.


In The Path of a Williwaw

In The Path Of A Williwaw What had been a sunny pleasant day turned breezy as clouds began building over the southeast horizon of the Bering Sea. I decided to make my…

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Monarch Butterfly Migration

North American Monarch Butterfly Migration The monarch butterflies seen flitting about northern backyards during September are on their way to the Sierra Madre…

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