In many ways our world is a very large place, but in other ways it is small and rapidly becoming smaller. It’s large in its variety of species and diversity of habitat from deserts to glaciers, rainforests to savannahs, and butterflies to whales; more to experience than one lifetime could ever accomplish. At the same time the evolution of technology has made this vast diversity readily accessible. Within one day’s travel we can reach most anyplace on the planet sharing time and place with local people, wildlife, and habitat. We can sit quietly in awe with other magnificent species observing sights, sounds, and behavior as they go about their daily activities, and by utilizing the power of the world wide web we can share our experience with others around the world in an instant! The possibilities are endless allowing us to explore more of the planet and share those experiences with more people than ever before. I enjoyed being there. I hope you enjoy being here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

©Terry Chick 2016